Capillex 50

Capillex 50 A blue/green, thick film Capillex for demanding industrial Screen printing. Capillex 50 is the quickest way to produce high quality stencils on coarse mesh counts.

Capillex films are especially easy to use as the precision-controlled coating provides the ultimate stencil profile. Wide processing latitude, consistency and durability produce high quality prints on every run.

*LED compatible including most exposure systems.

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MESH 100-150/in (40 - 80/cm)

INKS Solvent, UV

COLOR Blue/Green


  • Multi-coating a direct emulsion takes significantly longer than the simple application of Capillex 50 to the screen.

  • The solvent resistant stencils are extremely tough making them perfect for many demanding industrial applications.


  • Demanding textile printing

  • Printed circuit boards.

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Custom Sizes & Rolls Available