Capillex CP

Capillex CP is a green capillary photo-stencil film specifically for ultra-fine halftone and fine line precision printing.

Controlled Profile - Capillex films are especially easy to use as the  precision-controlled coating provides the ultimate stencil profile. Wide processing latitude, consistency and durability produce high quality prints on every run.

*LED compatible including most exposure systems.

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MESH 305 - 460/in (120 - 180/cm)

INKS Solvent, UV.



  • Very low stencil profile, typically 2–3µ

  • Optimized stencil surface – low Rz

  • Excellent mounting characteristics

  • Fast exposing

  • Easy washout

  • High resolution

  • Excellent print quality

  • Very durable

  • Minimize ink usage through low ink build, reduces print 'skipping & stacking', low Rz and high resolution gives superb dot reproduction, high durability, total reliability

  • Controlled stencil profile over a wide range from 120-180/cm (305-460/in) and finer.

  • The low stencil profile and optimized Rz of Capillex CP gives superb dot reproduction and minimizes ‘skipping’ effects often seen when printing fine halftones with UV inks.

  • Suitable with conventional UV inks and solvent-based inks.


  • Optical Media

  • High quality four color graphics

  • Fine line printing

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Standard Sheet Sizes:

  • 14” X 22” - 100 pack

  • 14” X 23” - 100 pack

  • 14” X 28” - 100 pack

Custom Sizes & Rolls Available