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Alkemi, formerly Autotype and CPS, has long been the preferred technology for printed circuit board and membrane touch switch manufacturers worldwide. Our Capillex brand Capillary films ensure the highest level of precision and production efficiency.  

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ALKEMI FIVE STAR - A red, med/high resolving indirect stencil film that is perfect for short run, high quality Screen printing.

ALKEMI ALPHA STAR - The exceptional high resolution of Alpha star makes if perfect for short run, very high quality Screen printing such as ceramic decals or prototyping.

ALKEMI MICRO RED PLUS - Exceptional high resolution and great latitude perfect for short run, very high quality screen printing such as ceramic decals or prototyping.

ALKEMI CAPILLEX 18/20/25/35/50/CP/CX - Controlled Profile - Capillex films are especially easy to use as the  precision-controlled coating provides the ultimate stencil profile. Wide processing latitude, consistency and durability produce high quality prints on every run. *LED compatible including most exposure systems.

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ALKEMI PLUS 1-SR - Hi performance photo-polymer emulsion formulated for high-end screen printing applications. The best image reproduction and fast exposure. *CTS, LED compatible - including most exposure systems.

ALKEMI PLUS 2000 - Hi quality, all purpose dual-cure emulsion with great image reproduction qualities with an affordable price tag. *CTS, Laser, LED compatible - including most exposure systems.

ALKEMI PLUS 7000 - Hi-quality multi-purpose dual-cure emulsion with excellent image reproduction. For all Graphic/Textile applications.*CTS, Laser, LED compatible - including most exposure systems.

ALKEMI PLUS 8000 - Premium quality dual-cure emulsion with superior razor-sharp edge image reproduction. For all Graphic/Industrial/Textile applications. *CTS, Laser, LED compatible - including most exposure systems.

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ALKEMI SCREEN MESH PREPARATION & DEGREASING -Alkemi chemicals and solvents are environmentally friendly, safe to use, and highly effective for screen preparation, in process, and post-printing screen cleaning and maintenance. 

ALKEMI PRESS WASH & SCREEN OPENER - Provides screen printers with a low evaporation  and low odor, on-press ink cleaner, part of the Green Screen range of products.

ALKEMI SCREEN WASH - Premium label free emulsifiable Screen Wash suitable for automatic and manual cleaning.

ALKEMI ACTIVATOR - Unique solvent based activator used with Haze Remover HV, Haze Remover Liquid and Haze Hunter.

ALKEMI AQUA WASH - Universal water dilutable ink cleaner concentrate. Water miscible, part of the Green Screen range of products.

ALKEMI SCREEN CLEANER - Fast evaporation, EN12921-3:2005 complaint on-press ink cleaner that is hazard Label free to operator. Part of the Green Screen range.

ALKEMI HAZE REMOVERS - Premium Haze Remover, a safer alternative to ‘traditional’ high-caustic hazer removers. Low caustic gel - VOC free, safer for operators and ensures that mesh isn’t damaged in use.

ALKEMI STENCIL REMOVERS - Premium Stencil Remover Concentrate. Concentrated product that is diluted with water and used to reclaim stencil making systems, such as direct emulsions and Capillary films.

ALKEMI FRAME ADHESIVE - Highly durable, fast drying, red color 2 part screen adhesive, suitable for all mesh types. Screen Adhesive MF combines excellent solvent resistance, high shear strength and fast cut out time.

ALKEMI PLATEN ADHESIVE - Premium VOC free water-based platen adhesive for textile printers. Superior performance to aerosol based spray adhesives.

ALKEMI HARDENER - Hardener for screen printing stencils used during long print runs with water-based or co-solvent inks.

ALKEMI BLOCK OUT - FILLER - Filler is a water soluble block out filler. Ideal for use with all ink types except water-based systems. A retouching filler for use with solvent-based, UV curing and plastisol inks.

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