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Premium Emulsions

Developed for the Global market, all PLUS emulsions are manufactured to the highest tolerances using the latest production and test equipment. Quality is checked rigorously at every stage of the manufacturing process.

This attention to detail ensures all MacDermid products feature total reliability and consistency in use in all market conditions.

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Dual Cure Emulsions

PLUS 6000

High quality water-resistant diazo emulsion with hi-solids 44%. Formulated for garment decorating and textile printing, with water-based, plastisol and discharge inks. Tough and durable, yet economical with good resolution and wide processing latitude.

PLUS 2000

Hi quality, all purpose dual-cure emulsion with great image reproduction qualities with an affordable price tag.


A truly universal Dual-cure textile emulsion with hi-solids 45%. Very flexible, tough and very durable, reliable and easy to use, resistant to water-based, plastisol and discharge screen printing textile inks.

PLUS 8000

Premium quality dual-cure emulsion with superior razor-sharp edge image reproduction. For all Graphic/Industrial/Textile applications.

PLUS 7000

Hi-quality multi-purpose dual-cure emulsion with excellent image reproduction. For all Graphic/Textile applications.


Hi performance dual-cure emulsion with outstanding image reproduction qualities with an affordable price tag. Ideal for large format in-line printing and 4 color process.


Universally resistant, high quality direct emulsion for a wide range of screen printing applications.

PLUS 535

Durable water and solvent resistant emulsion that is used by screen printers to print onto glass, paper, textiles, garments, hats, bags and plastics.


Photo-Polymer Emulsions


Hi quality, red fast exposing photo-polymer hybrid textile emulsion with hi-solids 45%, very durable, outstanding results with plastisol, water-based and discharge inks.


Ultra-fast exposing, hi-quality, photo-polymer hybrid textile emulsion, very durable, outstanding results with plastisol, water-based and discharge inks.

PLUS 9000

A fast exposing red photo-polymer emulsion with very hi-solids to produce thick stencils, ideal for garment and textile printing. Very durable, an excellent choice for hi-density printing and plastisol inks.


Hi performance photo-polymer emulsion formulated for high-end screen printing applications. The best image reproduction and fast exposure.


High quality emulsion for the latest DMD/DLP Computer to Screen Systems.  Developed to meet the needs of the busy graphic screen printer handling large format graphics in automated environment.