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Direct Capillary Films

Alkemi Capillex Photo Stencil Range – Performance you can trust.

The precision-controlled coating provides screen printers with the ultimate stencil profile, predictable, tough and reliable that gives excellent print quality and wide processing latitude, under a wide range of conditions.

Available in a variety of different standard or custom sizes.

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Capillex 18 (EU Only)

The wide processing latitude makes this product ideal for fine line and halftone printing with solvent-based or conventional UV inks.

Capillex 20

High print quality and excellent durability of Capillex 20 makes it perfect the most demanding job with fine detail and gradations.

Capillex 25

The perfect choice for many quality screen printing applications that require accurate edge definition with medium/fine mesh.

Capillex 35

A green/blue general purpose Capillex film for medium/coarse mesh counts. An all-purpose film ideal for demanding industrial applications and medium-coarse mesh counts.

Capillex 50

A blue/green, thick film Capillex for demanding industrial Screen printing. Capillex 50 is the quickest way to produce high quality stencils on coarse mesh counts.

Capillex 80 (EU Only)

A blue/green , ultra thick Capillex film for demanding industrial applications that require coarse mesh.

Capillex CX

A grayish-green capillary photo-stencil film specifically formulated for very precise fine line printing in demanding industrial applications.

Capillex CP

A green capillary photo-stencil film specifically for ultra-fine halftone and fine line precision printing.

Indirect Films

Indirect stencil films are especially easy to use as the manufactured, precision-controlled coating, provides the ultimate stencil profile. Wide processing latitude, consistency and quick-turn around to produce high quality prints on every run.

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Five Star

A red, med/high resolving indirect stencil film that is perfect for short run, high quality screen printing.

Alpha Star (EU only)

The exceptional high resolution of Alpha star makes if perfect for short run, very high quality screen printing such as ceramic decals or prototyping.

Microplus Red

Exceptional high resolution and great latitude perfect for short run, very high quality screen printing such as ceramic decals or prototyping.