1. Screen Cleaning (Ink Removal)

Alkemi Press Wash & Screen Opener – Working Instructions


Alkemi Press Wash & Screen Openers are used during printing for opening dried-in ink or for color changes. The products were designed to evaporate quickly so that printing can be re-started without delay and it leaves no residues on the mesh.

Available products: 511, HF, UV, P140, K2, C, D & D2, K3x

Alkemi manufactures screen printing supplies such as Ink Cleaners for all aspects of screen printing and pad printing; with specific solvents to give the best cleaning performance for on-press cleaning, recirculation systems, automatic and manual cleaning applications. As well as covering screen printing applications such as garment, labels, textile, point of display, ceramics, membrane touch switch, circuit boards, medical, in-mold decoration, signs and balloons.


Alkemi Screenwash & Aquawash – Working Instructions


Alkemi Screenwash & Aquawash are used after printing when the screen is going to be reclaimed.

Screenwash & Aquawash are suitable for automatic or manual cleaning.

For manual use the product is designed to be applied with a the blue Alkemi brush and rinsed with water, prior to removing the stencil.

Available products: Alkemi Bio Plus SW G, A6, A7, 383, LS, UV, 317

Kira Shea