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Quadra Film

Quadra Film

Premium clear inkjet positive or negative film media, designed for high quality large format film production.

Water-proof, water-resistant and instant dry when used with Quadra-K or Quadra-K2 ink. Screen print film production on piezo-head ink jet printers.

*Used exclusively in Quadra film positive output systems.

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INK Jet Printers


  • Film category - micro-porous, anti static back coat, polyester base, instant dry and water resistant

  • Compatible inks - designed for dye based film output applications

  • Density range (Dye black) - Ortho (visual) Dmax = 3.5 - 3.7. DminV_Dmax = 3.7+, Dmin 0.06

  • Water resistance - Water proof, no softening or ink reduction when submersed

  • Image resolution and dot quality - Optimised for acuity and image formation to render high density and fine line

  • Archival properties - Very good in average to dry conditions - slip sheet for long term storage

  • Registration accuracy - 0.03% over length of print. Stabilized A/S Polyester base for enhanced accuracy

  • Thickness - 0.052 inch (5 mil)

  • Screen release - Excellent with dye - not recommended for use with pigment inks

  • Edge curl - Minimal - less than 3 mm. good transport characteristics in all formats

  • Media formats rolls - Rolls on a 3" core in 100 foot lengths to maintain start/end accuracy

  • Media formats sheets - 100 sheet boxes except 17" x 22" which is in a 50 sheet box


  • Used exclusively in Quadra film positive output systems.

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Standard Sheet Sizes

Custom Sizes & Rolls Available