5. Drying Stencil Before Exposure 

Did you know:

Inefficient drying prior to exposure is one of the biggest causes of screen breakdown on the press, and is often overlooked by screen printers.

Symptoms of poor drying

  1. Soft emulsion/capillary film/indirect film that is easily damaged

  2. Early breakdown of on the press

  3. Bad mesh staining

Best practices

  • Always dry emulsion screens print side down.

  • Use a flow of warm dry air to remove moisture form the screen.

  • the wet air must be exhausted from the stencil surface to dry the screen properly.

  • If the screen is not dried properly with the residual water will react with the sensatizer to leave a very soft stencil that is easily damaged.

  • A quality dryer will save you time and money.

Pro tips for efficient drying

  1. Use warm air <35°C / 95°F

  2. Use dry air <50% RH

  3. Filter the air that enters your drying cabinet or drying room

  4. Exhaust wet air away from the stencil

  5. Use a dehumidifier in a sealed drying cabinet or room

Kira Shea