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Zeta HD Film

Zeta HD Film Clear inkjet media for film positives and negatives.

An economical micro-porous clear media for production of

film using pigmented or dye piezo-head inkjet printers.

*Compatible with Quadra film output systems.

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INK Jet Printers


  • Autotype Zeta-HD inkjet film, newly formulated ZETA-HD inkjet film is replacing Zeta-II in the product line. This film is designed to work equally well with pigmented ink or dye ink. At proper inking levels, Zeta-HD film is instant dry and water-resistant and available in 98ft. rolls up to 60” wide. Zeta-HD is offered at a very competitive price and will carry on the Zeta tradition with greater economy for the end user.


  • Compatible with Quadra film output systems.

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Standard Sheet Sizes

Custom Sizes & Rolls Available