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What is Alkemi?

Formerly known as Autotype and CPS, Alkemi stencil making solutions are designed to help screen printers and manufacturers achieve the highest quality, most consistent graphics in the industry.

MacDermid Graphics Solutions has paired decades of industry experience with one-of-a-kind manufacturing processes to create the most effective and precise screen films and emulsions on the market. Along with that, our stencil-making systems include effective printer and eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and solvents.

We believe that screen printing is the intersection of art and science, and we strive to offer you the very best products designed to delight and impress your customers worldwide.

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With a wide range of options for everything from sportwear for your local team to high-fashion brands, Alkemi finds the right balance between cost, efficiency and quality for each textile project. 

Industrial & Electronics

For decades, electronics and industrial manufacturers have relied on Alkemi products to provide them with the careful precision needed for everything from printed circuit boards to membrane touch switches and decorative finishes.


With precision in the forefront of our product design, the Alkemi line is tailored to give you the highest quality and most efficient production outcomes every time. In particular, Alkemi is designed for high quantity print runs to optimize efficiency and quality.


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