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What is Alkemi?

The new Alkemi brand, formerly known as Autotype and CPS, is part of the MacDermid Graphics Solutions group with over 140 years of global product innovation.  Alkemi continues that legacy and true commitment to quality and reliability that screen-printers have trusted for decades, time after time.

You can rest assured that Alkemi’s state-of-the-art manufacturing process will continue to deliver the highest quality in precision coated stencil films, hi-resolution direct emulsions and ‘Green’, eco-friendly chemicals for the global screen-printing industry.

We believe screen printing is the blend of craftsmanship, art, technology and science.  We strive to deliver the very best performing products with added value and sound technical support - that is our philosophy and commitment.



With a wide range of industry proven and reliable textile direct screen emulsions, the Alkemi Plus range offers the right balance between cost, efficiency, quality and durability for every printing project.

Industrial & Electronics

For many decades, electronic and industrial printers have relied on products like Capillex and Five Star stencil films to produce hi-quality and reliable screen stencils for the most demanding applications such as printed circuit boards, industrial markings, nameplates, membrane switches, fine line and 4 color process.


With our Alkemi Plus integrated range of direct liquid screen emulsions, you can expect top performance and reliability, that delivers hi-quality, wide processing latitude, with excellent value and durability. Applications include in-line printing, 4 color process, decals, point of purchase, nameplates, glass, ceramics, signs, banners and more.

Testimonials from some of our customers:


“I'm using my favorite Alkemi emulsion again, Alkemi Plus 6000 - it's so versatile! I love it.” - Aida from Aida Print

“Alkemi’s Screen Cleaner helped us to achieve our goal: to satisfy our customers with maximum safety and with environmentally sound solutions.” - Vaughan Winter, SPS – CPS Distributor

“Alkemi Aquawash 442, our operators love it! With virtually no odor and a little amount going a very long way – it’s simply great stuff” - Alan Dollan, MD of Action Leisurewear

“As a CPS/Alkemi distributor for over 15 years, it is fair to say that Alkemi provides the benchmarks for environmentally safer chemicals which only now other manufacturers are trying to copy.” - Vaughan Winter, SPS – CPS Distribution

“Alkemi’s expertise as one of the world's leading manufacturers of safer products, provide us with high-quality solutions that reduce health risks and conserve the environment” - Mr. Jacquet, Director of Seiller's screen printing shop

“Alkemi products are not only safer, but often much more effective than conventional ones” - Vaughan Winter, SPS – CPS Distributor

“Using Alkemi Green Screen Haze Remover now means a reduction in the number of screen cleaning products we use ” – Brian Bowring, Purchasing Manager at Crown Products


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