Automatic Coating

7 Steps for Coating Alkemi Plus Emulsions

  1. Always wear gloves and glasses when handling emulsions, think safety first.
  2. Carefully cut open the diazo sensitizer satchet/packet with scissors.
  3. Empty the diazo sensitizer sachet/packet completely.
  4. Gently ‘fold’ or stir the diazo sensitizer powder into the emulsion.
  5. Mix thoroughly using the wooden stirrer supplied. Mix until you can see an even color.
  6. After mixing, replace the lid and leave for 2 hours to overnight to de-gas.
  7. It is a good idea to write the date the emulsion was sensitized on the lid of the emulsion.

Automatic Coating With Alkemi Plus Emulsion

  1. Pour the emulsion slowly into the troughs of the automatic coating machine.
  2. Always clean the lip to prevent emulsion from drying in.
  3. Long hair should be covered to reduce possible emulsion contamination.
  4. The screens must be dry, clean, and well degreased prior to coating with emulsion.
  5. A slow coating speed will help to reduce air bubbles that can occur in the emulsion.
  6. Additional coats can be applied to increase the thickness of the emulsion on the mesh, which can increase ink deposit thickness and improve print definition.
  7. Clean the trough edge immediately after coating.
  8. The screen should look glossy on the squeegee side following coating.
  9. Dry the screen thoroughly prior to exposure and use