PLUS 8000

PLUS 8000 – is a Premium quality dual-cure emulsion with superior razor-sharp edge image reproduction and superb resolution and latitude.

For all Graphic/Industrial/Textile applications.

*CTS, Laser, LED compatible - including most exposure systems.

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MESH Medium/Coarse

INKS Water-based, Plastisol, Discharge, Solvent and UV curable.



  • Ultra hi-quality dual-cure emulsion, dark-blue in color.

  • Superb edge definition, resolution and latitude, low Rz values.

  • Highest durability, humidity resistance.

  • A universal dual-cure system for most inks systems, solvent, UV, water-based, carbon, conductive and PVC free textile inks.

  • Medium solids are perfect for medium to fine mesh counts.

  • Direct- diazo system (no water required).


  • Flexible circuitry

  • Membrane switches,

  • Fine line work, 4 color process

  • Overlays, Nameplates, Decals, Ceramics

  • Industrial/Graphics/Textile printing

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Available Package Sizes:

  • 1 Quart

  • 1 Liter

  • 1 Gallon