What is Alkemi?

The new Alkemi brand, formerly known as Autotype and CPS, is part of the MacDermid Graphics Solutions group with over 150 years of global product innovation.  Alkemi continues that legacy and true commitment to quality and reliability that screen-printers have trusted for decades, time after time

You can rest assured that Alkemi’s state-of-the-art manufacturing process will continue to deliver the highest quality in precision coated stencil films, hi-resolution direct emulsions and ‘Green’, eco-friendly chemicals for the global screen-printing industry.

We believe screen printing is the blend of craftsmanship, art, technology and science.  We strive to deliver the very best performing products with added value and sound technical support - that is our philosophy and commitment.

This Alkemi range is optimized for the needs of Textile and garment printers that use analog or CTS systems. Our range includes products that suit a variety of textile printers from sportswear for your local team, to high-fashion brands.

This Alkemi range is optimized for the needs of the Printed Electronics Industry that produce Printed Circuit Board and Membrane Touch Switch manufacturers worldwide. Our products ensure the highest level of precision and production efficiency when using conductive inks or conventional solvent or UV based inks.  

This Alkemi range is optimized for the needs of Graphic printers, from commercial printers and artists to high-tech graphics. Alkemi products are known for producing the best possible prints in both high precision and long run projects. 

This Alkemi range is optimized for the needs of Glass and Ceramic Decorators that often struggle to print on 3D objects and uneven surfaces while delivering thick, opaque ink layers that often contain glass frit/precious metals. Our products deliver the highest quality when printing with two-component and ceramic inks.  

This Alkemi range is optimized for the needs of Industrial printers such as Automobile Industry, Name Plates, Industrial Dials and Overlays. Our products deliver ultra-high durability and resolution to match the requirements of these demanding applications.

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