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Plus 6000

PLUS 6000 is a high quality water-resistant diazo emulsion with high solids 44%. Formulated for garment decorating and textile printing, with water-based, plastisol and discharge inks. Tough and durable, yet economical with good resolution and wide processing latitude. For Textile applications.
As low as $178.46
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  • Good contrast and excellent see through for sight registration
  • Medium/High solids
  • Perfect for medium/coarse meshes
  • Ideal for textile inks such as water-based, discharge and plastisol inks
  • Easy to reclaim
  • Direct-diazo system (no water required)
  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • Tough emulsion for garment printing
  • For even tougher stencils use with WR Hardener A, please note that after hardening, the stencil is more difficult to reclaim
More Information
CompatibilityCTS/LED Compatible
Exposure SpeedSlow
Mesh Count CategoryMedium/Coarse
Ink CompatibilityWater, Plastisol, Discharge, Ceramic tile printing inks